To grow with my the organization contributing effectively towards the excellence and prosperity through self-driven motivation, sincerity and hard work with social motivation.Motivated and curious Creative with 14+ years' experience in Design & Advertising. I am hardworking and a fast learner with good communication skills and a strong design background.Graduated in a Fine Arts in Advertising (India) I also hold a Master on Visual communication Design by the FineArts College of Communication, part of the Bharathidasan University of the Arts India, graduating with Merit honours with a design research about the use of graphic signifiers to sell tradition into product labels.


Freelance Experiences:

    Nature                        Project                                concern

Creative Illustrator          STORY & POET                                         Kalachuvadu Magazine
Storyboard Work            EERAM (Tamil movie)                                 S Picture
Storyboard Work            MAINA (Tamil movie)                                  Shalom studios
Set designing                 19thSTEP (Hollywood film)                           Bharathbala production
Character concept           ADUTTHA THALAMURAI (Tamil movie)         AGS-production
Pre-Production design     PATTI SOLLUM KATHAI (flash anim)             I-chromatics Pvt Ltd
Storyboard work             RMKV -heritage silks (ADD)                        Master channel
Storyboard work     PUKKADAI (Tamil movie) full footage                  Dir sathish
Storyboardwork      KADARKARAI SANTHIPPU-Tamil-full footage         Open theatre Production
Conceptual Design                      ERATHAM (Tamil movie)                Open theatre production
Creative & Aesthetic direction     ACTION (short film)                         corncept crafts
Creative & Aesthetic direction      VAAIMAI (Tamil movie)                  Open theatre production
Illustration                                  Paper Adds                                      Rural development TN Govt
Storyboard work      YAGAVARAYINUM NAGAAKKA (movie)         Aadarsha Chitralaya Pvt Ltd
Storyboard work      CHETTINADU CEMENT-(Add film)                  Softlight studio
Storyboard work      JOKIMOKI (CHACKLET)-Add film                   Crayon advertising Pvt Ltd
Storyboard work      TNHSC (awareness)-Add film                                Puppet media
Storyboard work      Tantex (innerwear)- Add film                                Mad films
Character concept     THIRUDAN (Tamil movie)                                   Open theatre production
Publicity design       VAAIMAI (Tamil movie)                                      Open theatre production
Character concept     THILAGAR (Tamil movie)                                   Fingerprint production
Storyboard               AACHI CHIKKAN MASALA (Add film)             Red Giant movies Pvt Ltd
Storyboard work       REFGO HOME FINANCE (Add film)                 Puppet media
Illustration               Books- (thamizhar varalaaru)
Character concept      VAIMAI (Tamil movie)                                       Open theatre production
Illustration                                     Books                                            Chezhiyan.ra
Storyboard                                    (short film)                                     Dir Rajkumar
Poster design              kathalikka neramundu                                     VB filmmakers
Character concept        Khasmora(Tamil movie)                                    Dir Gokul
Storyboard Work        kaun banega crorepati (add film)                       Orchard adv-Bangalore
Storyboard work         ITC pure farm ghee                                          Orchard adv-Bangalore
Caricature for promo design        valiparaja (Tamil film)                      Vanks visions
Storyboard Work                        ZERO (Tamil movie)                        Madhav media entertainment
Corporate identity design             Madhav media entertainment           Deena
Conceptual Design                      Gandhi regiment (Tamil movie)         Dir virumandi
Storyboard work                         Krishna silks (ADD)                         Umapathy
Corporate identity design             Aaega sculpture studio                      P.Elanchezhiyan
Character concept                        24(Tamil movie)                               2D entertainment pvt ltd
Storyboard Work                         24(Tamil movie)                               2D entertainment pvt ltd
Set Design                                  saravana stores ADD                       ART DIR rembon
Set Design                                  Skywalk ADD                                  ART DIR Rajkumar
Character concept                        Manithan (Tamil movie)                  Red giant movies
Storyboard Work                         Pandigai (Tamil movie)                    Tea time talks
Cartoons for shot                        Thanioruvan(Tamil movie)               AGS Entertainmen
Storyboard Work                         Kumaran silks                                 Dir moorthy
Storyboard Work                                            (Tamil film)                   Senthil